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"Fashion is about Excitement, Revelation and Imagination. It's not about Rules."

Established in Sydney in 2013 by George Habibeh, the eponymous label is a projection of ‘Maison Couture’, producing contemporary, elegant and sublime garments to adorn the body.


Graduating with honours in his tertiary studies, George was standalone in being the first couture fashion student to present in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sydney's premier fashion event. 


George compounded his raw talent with the pursuit of excellence, which saw him quickly recognised as the couturier to watch. 


George Habibeh Couture is the pursuit of excellence and the exaltation of femininity. Exquisite craftsmanship leads the journey of traditional and modern luxury into the present. 


Quintessentially, it is a commitment to perfection that allows the showcase of glamour, elegance and timelessness to come to the fore.  


To allow the wearer to stand defiant in the face of ordinary.

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